Ribera del Júcar

One of the hidden gems of central Spain.

The D.O.

The youngest Denomination of Origin in Spain, established in 2003, Ribera del Júcar began as an initiative of a small group of winemakers firmly committed to the uniqueness and authenticity of one of the oldest winegrower regions, even older than the arrival of the Roman Empire.

Ribera del Júcar translates as “banks of the Júcar” and refers to our ultimate advantage: the river for which the appellation is named. At the eastern border of the region, the riverbanks can be found on a rolling plain, at an altitude of 750 metres. This creates a topsoil of loose pebbles with clay underneath, which contributes to a good drainage.

The Júcar River

This D.O. is considered one of the hidden gems of central Spain, where only a few wineries can be found. This undiscovered region is home to a very limited number of high-quality wines and offers our terroir distinctive qualities that set it apart from other nearby appellations, from the cooler climate to the lighter yields.

All the wineries in this Denomination of Origin have a common goal: preserving the balance of the wine-growing ecosystem, with respectful practices and care for the environment. We know the land we work, and we treat it with the utmost respect. All these defining characteristics result in a rare and one-of-a-kind terroir, with a different personality that makes its limited wine production stand out.

Harvest at Ribera del Júcar
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