Sustainable Winemaking

Learn more about our commitment to a greener future in viticulture.

Organic Winery

Bodegas Albero is a certified organic winery. Our team understands how to work with nature to obtain high-quality grapes while respecting the environment. This means that we don't use chemicals in our production, and that there are no traces of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers in our wines.

We have adopted an agricultural philosophy that is forward thinking: our wines are created with both traditional and modern winemaking techniques. We are focused in working on the winery as it was done until the last century, before the introduction of common chemicals. We combine our passion for organic farming with the most modern techniques to protect the authenticity of each variety.

The Júcar River

Vegan & Biodynamic

Our commitment to the environment does not stop on organic farming: we are also certified Vegan. Traditionally, the winemaking process involved a lot of fining agents that contained animal products. Vegan wines, like ours, don't use proteins, egg whites or any other animal products during our winemaking process. Some of our wines are also biodynamic, another step forward from our organic production: all the various tasks, from planting, pruning, to harvesting, are regulated by a special biodynamic calendar, and we apply special preparations with natural ingredients to strengthen the vineyard. Our farming philosophy is about the entire lifeblood of the vineyard — other plants, insects, animals — not just the grapes.

Harvest at Ribera del Júcar

Going Carbon Neutral

In our continued commitment to the environment, at Bodegas Albero we have started our path towards a Carbon Neutrality certification.

First, we will measure all our emissions, a meticulous process that will allow us to develop an action plan to reduce and offset. Secondly, in order to reduce our emissions, we are changing practices or factors that contribute to our CO2 emissions, like improving our energy efficiency and changing production materials and packaging. And finally, to offset our carbon footprint, we will be financing environmental projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

More specifically, we will be financing forestry projects. In 2022, we collaborated in the rehabilitation and reforestation of Sierra Calderona Natural Park, on the east side of the Iberian Peninsula, devastated by forest fires in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
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